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If you're channeling golden sunsets and dreamy vibes on your big day, you might want to take a peek at this beautiful day they shared. 

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Ashley & Addison's Max Patch Elopement

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There is something truly enchanting about the fleeting beauty of hydrangea blooms. At the Memphis Botanic Garden, these delicate flowers grace us with their presence for just a short period each year, standing tall and vibrant for only a few weeks before the relentless summer sun takes its toll. It’s a spectacle that beckons photographers like me.


Ashley had her heart set on a city and park vibe for their engagement session, and knowing she was a fan of the older buildings and scenery downtown, I knew exactly where to take them. Downtown Memphis holds a timeless charm, it’s one of my favorite places to photograph, and it became our playground for the day. The historic architecture served as a testament to their love, standing tall and strong, just like their bond. As we strolled through the bustling streets, Ashley and Nate held hands, stealing kisses and exchanging playful glances. It was like they had a secret language, one only they understood.


The Brooks Museum is one of my favorite places to photograph Memphis engagement sessions. It has that classy and stately vibe I tend to obsess over and my couples have loved it too. I’m so glad Savannah and Austin decided to have their session here. It was a cloudy day and the light building made everything so glowy and dreamy! A combination of good outfit choices and location can make all the difference when it comes to how good your engagement photos turn out.

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