Max Patch is a dream and believe it or not I’ve had it on my “bucket list locations” list for a while now! The mountaintop is stunning and the Blue Ridge Mountains roll on for days. It was Ashley’s dream to say I do to Addison during golden hour with the stunning backdrop at Max Patch and let me just say, we made it happen!! I’m so happy with how these turned out and I know I’ll be obsessing over these for a long time to come.


Leah & CJ had such a beautiful day at Knotting Hills. The forecast literally days before changed and had a rain percentage of 70% or more! Thankfully the rain came in for just a few minutes twice that day and the weather was perfect and bright almost all day. This was my first time shooting at this venue and I was blown away!


Talk about a wedding for the ages! As I was packing my car leaving the wedding I was practically giddy thinking about all the beautiful images I took that day. I’m always a fan of Houston’s Venue but Hannah & Larerick definitely put their spin on it and made the whole day stunning.

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